Monday, March 26, 2012

Clapboard : An essential Tool

White Director's Clapboard - $14.99
If you have seen any shooting of a film nearby you, you may have heard words like lights, camera and action. And then a ‘clap’ sound from a board. Yes, you are right. A clap sound is of the clapboard. It is an essential part of movie making.By looking at the clapboard, one cannot understand its importance as well as requirements. But, if you ask a director then you will come to know that it is as much important as a camera has. Technically speaking, before any shot is being taken, the camera catches the information written on the clapboard such as date, scene. This is because a minute detail is required while synchronization of sound and scenes. 

From earlier days directors have been using it with different qualities. In the past, they were of simple black slates. But due to the development of technology, we can see them in digital forms. They are simple to handle and make you hassle free from erasing the written information. 

It is very important to buy quality clapboard. Please always prefer durable ones and purchase it keeping in mind your requirements and budget. This will help bring perfection in making the movie. It just works like a bridge. 

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