Monday, April 16, 2012

Hollywood Achievement Statue

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We all have heard about Achievement awards in Hollywood. Did you ever think of what an Achievement award is and what the origin of the name? All the Hollywood actors and actress would dream to get an Achievement statue award at least once in their life time. So who exactly is the Achievement guy and what is he have to do with the academy awards? The academy award of merit was the award first called was born in 1928 and they tried to come up with several names of nick names for it such as Academy Statuette, the Golden trophy, the Iron Man however none of those names stuck. Until march 1934 when the actor named Margaret Herrick said that the statue look like uncle Achievement and for some reason all the people in the award function liked the name and started calling Achievement statue award. Within 5 years it became so common and the academy decided to officially call the awards as Achievement.

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 We all like appreciations. In any organization or any field or any work which we do, we always strive for the best and appreciated by others. When someone appreciates for any good work we do, its like a motivation for the people and inspire them to do more good work. In the same case in any organization when we do a good job we expect our supervisor to recognize the work and appreciate for what we are doing which will make them motivated and inspired. Motivation is an essential factor in any field. Appreciation can be of any type like, a note of word, momentum or awards, monetary benefit, inspirational, promotion etc.

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In a similar way appreciations are very important in film industry. Making of the film involves lot of critical things to keep in mind and involves lot of hard work to make a very good and successful film. First we need to understand the type of audience whom we are targeting and their likes and dislikes, area of interest, current scenario’s etc. all this cannot be handled by one single person. We need lot of people and their talents to make the film successful. For example in a film we need a good story, music, dialogues, actors, directors, producers, etc. even if one thing is not good then a movie can be a failure so to make sure we have everything good they try to get the best on everything.

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Achievement awards are the awards to appreciate the people who have done the good work in making of the film, music, story, direction, production, screenplay, dialogues, acting etc. this award is organized once in a year to remember all the good moments happened in that particular year. All the celebrities across the world would join to see the award function. Many people would be waiting for this occasion and would be planning for the attire well in advance. These awards are not only given for the Hollywood movies however any movies which have a very good message in any language is appreciated, nominated and awarded.

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