Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What is a Movie Clap Board?

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A movie clap board is a piece of equipment utilized in filmmaking to help in the synchronizing of film and sound. This device is also used to assign and label particular settings and takes recorded at the time of producing. The prickly "clap" sound that the clap board produces can be distinguished with no trouble on the sound track, and the shutting down of the clap stick is very easily recognized on the separate optical track. The 2 tracks mentioned above can after that be exactly synchronized by equalizing the sound and movement.

The movie clap board is the arrangement of the chalkboard slate that held info keying out the subsequent scene and the clap stick which was utilized to coordinate sound and picture. During earlier years one person will be holding a slate for the photographic camera with the picture information, while some other clapped 2 attached sticks jointly at the front of the camera. Later on now-a-days the two units are combined into a single unit and hence a single person can perform both the work.

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